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Hotels in Siena: here are the hotels of the Siena Inns group!

Hotels in the historic center of Siena

Booking a hotel in the historic center of Siena is a choice that is made above all to have the possibility of visiting the city comfortably on foot.

By staying in a central hotel, you can reach the main city sights such as Piazza del Campo, the Torre del Mangia, the Duomo, the Santa Maria della Scala complex and other museum structures in just a few minutes, without using your car or public transport.

In the evening, moreover, having booked a structure in the heart of the city offers the possibility of accessing restaurants, clubs, pubs and being able to even afford an extra glass because it won’t be necessary to drive later.

At this point, however, it’s worth specifying that central position should not be understood only as the historical area which includes the Duomo and Piazza del Campo and which is considered a World Heritage Site by Unesco, but also the areas around Porta Camollia and Porta Romana, as well as the spaces in which the Medici Fortress and the Giardini della Lizza are located.

To make practical examples, the important city arteries such as the Viale Camillo Benso di Cavour and the Viale Don Giovanni Minzoni can be considered central streets also because from there it’s possible to arrive in front of the Torre del Mangia in just 15/20 minutes on foot.

Hotels near Siena and its province

If booking a tourist facility in the center allows you to visit the city comfortably on foot, choosing to stay in hotels near Siena offers other valid advantages.

By staying in one of the hotels nearby you can avoid city noise, stay in close contact with nature, take beautiful walks in the green, admire beautiful views and maybe have the opportunity to discover the beauty of the chosen location.

Some hotels in Siena are also located just outside the town, but still a few kilometers away from the city; this for example is the case of some farmhouses located in magnificent natural contexts, but which nevertheless allow you to access the historic city center in a few minutes.

Even in the province there is a good offer of hotels and B&Bs but, in any case, staying in Siena or in the immediate surroundings allows you to reach, in an hour, or an hour and a half, all the places of Chianti, Crete Senesi, Val d’Arbia, Val di Merse, Val d’Orcia, Val d’Elsa and Monte Amiata.

Regarding possible destinations near the city, tours of the pretty villages of Sovicille, Badesse, Monteaperti, San Rocco a Pilli are recommended, as well as in the renowned village of Monteriggioni.

The aforementioned destinations are united by being all 20 kilometers from Siena at most.

How to choose the best hotels in Siena

To choose among the best hotels in Siena, elements such as the quality/price ratio and the logistics offered by the structure must be considered, but also the different needs that can lead to stay in the City of the Palio, first of all tourism and work.

In general, a good hotel must be able to offer:

  • Clean and elegant spaces
  • Rich breakfast included in the price
  • Various types of accommodation
  • Parking facilities
  • Friendly and professional staff

Regarding the various needs, a stay in Siena for tourism can generally be made for couples, for a family holiday or for spending a few relaxing days surrounded by nature.

In the first case it is definitely worth choosing a nice charming relais in the heart of the city, in the second case a 3 or 4 star hotel able to offer every comfort to the various members of the family, while in the last event it will be more obvious to choose a nice farmhouse with swimming pool.

For business reasons, on the other hand, choosing hotels in the center of Siena allows you to be closer to the places where many work activities take place such as offices and professional structures, while a stay near the city can guarantee more privacy, more silence and less distractions.

Finally, for a business meeting it might be perfect to choose a hotel in Siena just outside the historic center, including ample parking, a lounge suitable conferences, bar for a coffee break and restaurant for lunch.