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The unique beauty of Chianti’s itineraries

More and more tourists choose to visit the Chianti

The Chianti is justly considered one of the most beautiful areas of Tuscany. This charming area is located between the provinces of Siena, Arezzo and Florence: this territory includes the mountains of Chianti, a long chain of about 20 km, and the hills that slope down from them. In the past, the area was occupied by high mountains covered by forests; it seems that the name “Chianti” comes from the Latin “clangor”, meaning “sound” and can refer to the typical sounds of the hunt. Today these ancient mountains have become rolling hills with rounded edges, covered with vineyards, olive groves and cultivated fields and of course dotted with old churches and picturesque villages. Every year more and more tourists choose to undertake the tour of the Chianti, not only because they are attracted to nature and art: in fact, this is  the DOCG Chianti wine producing area, and therefore the ideal destination for wine experts or even simple connoisseurs.

Things to see in Chianti

A tour of Chianti can not exist without a visit of Radda and Castellina, two ancient settlements in the province of Siena which, together with Gaiole, in 1384 were chosen by the Republic of Florence to form the Chianti League for the defense of the area. The area surrounding Radda was inhabited as early as 2000 B.C.; the archaeological site of Poggio la Croce features remains the Copper and Bronze and Villanovan period. The village of Radda, however, is of medieval origin and is testified to exist as of 1002; in fact two worship buildings of the town go back to the Middle Ages: the rectory of St. Nicholas and the church of Santa Maria Novella. Also the subsequent eras have left interesting traces, such as the Grand Ducal ice-house of 1897. It is a structure in which during the winter compressed snow was accumulated, so as to have an environment in the summer where to keep fresh foods: a curiosity not to be missed during a visit to the region. The territory of Castellina in VII-VI centuries BC was inhabited by the Etruscans, who left the necropolis of Poggino and the mound of Montecalvario. The current town, however, is of medieval origin, as evidenced for example by the impressive fortress, dating to the eleventh century. Amended several times, with the cooperation of Filippo Brunelleschi and Giuliano da Sangallo, the castle now houses the Archaeological Museum of Chianti and offers from the top of his tower a unique view of the Chianti: a great opportunity for lovers of good wine and art.

Things to do in Chianti

Chianti is a uniquely beautiful region. For this reason, those staying in Siena should dedicate at least one day exploring this territory. We recommend to dedicate a few hours to the knowledge of the Chianti wine, the emblem of the area: the DOCG red wine, produced for 70-100% from the sangiovese grape, never disappoints. The many excellent restaurants in the area recommended to combine it with cheeses, pasta dishes, roasts and game meat. Several tours start from Siena, and combine cultural visits and tastings in the cellars; these tours, also, do not require the use of your own vehicle and therefore allow you to participate in the tasting without worries. Alternatively, you can take part in one of the many events organized each year such as “Girogustando” (February), “Cantine Aperte” (May) or “Chianti d’autunno” (October). Chianti welcomes you with its colors and flavors in every season!