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Saltalbero, the adventure park for kids and families

The adventure park Saltalbero in Rapolano Terme

Surrounded by nature, between expanses of green and a beautiful forest, the Adventure Park Saltalbero in Rapolano Terme is an oasis of fun and entertainment for kids and families, a place where adults and children can choose to play, embark in an adventure or simply indulge in a nice picnic or barbecue. Once in Saltalbero you can choose to venture into exciting canopy tours, making healthy trekking, go up the climbing wall, play golf or even play football and volleyball. For nature lovers, Saltalbero offers the possibility of running into cute squirrels or elegant roes and admire splendid specimens of hollies, junipers, laurels and oaks. Simply put, Saltabero is a perfect place to spend a day with your children or friends and offers the opportunity to enjoy many spaces for all your leisure needs.

The adventure paths of the park

The park offers adventure paths for adults and children of 4 years and older and  play areas on the ground for little kids. The exciting Saltalbero adventure paths allows you to walk high up from the ground amongst the beautiful trees of the park, for an exciting and 100% safe experience thanks to the use of the best equipment and the presence of highly qualified instructors. All who wish to try the adventure paths of the park must first go through the Practice Path, a route designed to gain confidence and become familiar with the equipment and harnesses. After that, the real adventure begins, among pirates stairs, exciting tibetan bridges, cableways of swinging logs and many other obstacles that will test your skills. The acrobatic routes of Saltalbero definitely allow you to express your spirit of adventure and challenge your own limits, although it is always important to remember that all paths are 100% safe and you will be you to choose the appropriate skill level.

Let’s ride at the Equestrian Center!

Another beautiful area of Saltalbero Adventure Park is represented by the riding center which allows all horse riding enthusiasts to make magnificent walks in the woods, admire memorable landscapes or “simply” to take classes to learn how to ride a horse. The Horse Park of the Center consists of a stable, paddocks, two training camps and offers a talented instructor. Besides experts and those who already know how to ride a horse, the horse riding area Saltalbero is also open to beginners and to those who want to improve their ability to master the reins. It also organizes excursions on horseback in Rapolano Terme‘s countryside and also provides nice and quiet ponies for kids.