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Things to do in and around Siena

Culture, tastes and relax in the heart of Tuscany

Those who come to visit Siena have the privilege of being able to appreciate one of Italy’s most interesting provinces, immersing himself in the green hills of Tuscany and going to discover some of the most authentic medieval villages, and the charming abbeys of the beautiful Chianti countryside, from which it originates the famous red wine. It is a land of arts and culture, but also of renowned food and wine and ancient traditions: The territory of Siena offers visitors a unique travel experience.

Things to see during a stay in Siena

Visiting Siena and its beautiful surroundings means immersing in unique and timeless  locations. Among the medieval villages, definitely are worth a stop the beautiful San Gimignano, Monteriggioni, guarded by high circular walls, and Montalcino, famous for the production of the Brunello,another famous wine of the area along with the Chianti. Among the examples of fifteenth-century urban planning, however, it’s worth mentioning Pienza, also known for his excellent pecorino cheese. Speaking of abbeys, do not miss those of Monte Oliveto and Sant’Antimo, still active, where, during the services, you can listen to the Gregorian chants of the monks. Visiting Siena and surroundings means also enjoy lovely landscapes, characterized by the harmony between nature and urban construction: a pleasant succession of rolling hills, small villages, forests and vineyards can be found in the Val d’Orcia, for example, in the amazing Crete senesi or in the Chianti countryside.

What to do in order to properly appreciate the territory of Siena

A visit to Siena and surroundings passes through the local traditions (such as the Palio or towns fairs), the food, wine and nature walks, to discover landscapes that will remain in your heart. In order to better appreciate the land and move comfortably, the most practical solution is to stay in Siena, from which you can easily reach all other locations. You can choose a hotel downtown, for those who want to stay in the heart of the city, next to all services, or a farm just outside, for those seeking the relaxation of the countryside with the chance to taste the local specialties directly from producers