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Rapolano Terme: an ancient treasure in the Crete Senesi

The Rapolano thermal baths, the home of wellness

Did you know that just a short way from Siena you can find the largest thermal park in the wholeTuscany? And not just that: there are several structures where you can take care of yourself near the city of the Palio. A little more than 20 km east of Siena, Rapolano Terme a pleasant town that in 1949 decided to add “Terme” to its name to pay tribute to what for centuries has been his real hidden treasure: the waters and hot springs rich in sulfur, an excellent ally for skin, lungs and overall well-being. Why choose between art city and thermal baths when you can have both? Siena and the nearby Rapolano offer a real refreshment for the body and soul.

The Antica Querciolaia and San Giovanni

Over the years, two thermal structures have arisen and developed in Rapolano Terme,  both perfect for those who want to dedicate themselves to health and beauty in the stunning setting of the Crete Senesi: the Antica Querciolaia and the San Giovanni. The nineteenth century structure of the Antica Querciolaia is set in its own park near Rapolano, close to the Strada Provinciale Nord: it is the largest spa of the region, with indoor and outdoor pools where you can take hot, warm and cold baths, going from the 40°C of the natural waters sources to the 20°C of the cooling pools. There are plenty of spaces in which to inhale the beneficial thermal steam, or to enjoy the treatments with local mud and many other services dedicated to wellness and aesthetics. The San Giovanni spa is instead located 2 km south of the town, in a scenic landscape of absolute beauty in the direction of the Ombrone. It is a well equipped health and beauty center with swimming pools with different temperatures, paths for one person or for couples and medical personnel always available. Both these two structures of Rapolano are open throughout the year and offer extended evening hours on weekends.

It’s always the right time to visist Rapolano

If you are planning to treat yourself to a visit to the thermal baths of Rapolano, but do not know what could be the best time, the answer is simple: Always. In fact, thanks to a unique panorama, a rich historical and cultural heritage and a calendar full of events and initiatives, each season can be perfect. Just to mention as an example some of the traditional appointments in Rapolano, December sees the start of the hunt for unusual gifts in the classic Fierone di Fine Anno, while in March we celebrate literature with the prize “Il Molinello”; in May, the nearby town of Serre di Rapolano hosts Serremaggio, a week of events and performances, culminating in the reenactment of the Ciambragina Festival, while June is the time of solidarity with the Goccia d’Oro Award. While during the summer the Festival of the Crete Senesi is in full swing, the party goes on during the autumn with the Settembre Rapolanese with music, crafts, food and wine. You can treat yourself with a holiday in Siena during Summer, Spring or Autumn, Christmas and Easter holidays or personal events, such as birthdays and anniversaries: in Rapolano you will always find a warm welcome, warm just like its beneficial waters!