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The best hotels in Siena

How can you determine which is the best hotel in Siena?

Defining what the best hotel in Siena could be is absolutely not possible. In fact, although services and categories determine a certain scale of value, the best choice is always the one best suited to your needs (work, vacation, logistics, budget, etc.).

To give practical examples, for a sportsman the best hotel could be the one that offers swimming pool, tennis court and use of bicycles, for a fan of good food it could be the one that includes a gourmet restaurant and an excellent wine list, while for lovers of relaxation and well-being the ideal place could be a structure with a Spa.

The concept of the best hotel, therefore, is abstract, subjective but, returning to what was said at the beginning, there are certainly some elements that contribute to positively qualifying hotels more than others.

A Top Hotel certainly offers basic services such as rooms equipped with every modern comfort, clean and elegant settings, friendly and professional staff, excellent choice of food for breakfast, free Wi-Fi Internet connection and maybe other exclusive and distinctive facilities.

Finally, a valid structure must know how to organize periodically holiday packages to meet the various needs of visitors and to offer excellent value for money.

The best hotel in Siena for business and holidays

An accommodation structure that has always operated with the specific aim of satisfying any visitors’ needs is the Hotel Garden.

Ideal for both business and holidays, Hotel Garden offers a varied range of facilities, as well as comfortable accommodation, welcoming settings and a punctual and close-knit staff.

To earn a place among the best hotels in Siena, this 4-star hotel offers several Top services:

  • Various types of rooms. Wide choice of rooms ranging from standard accommodation to charming suites.
  • Ample parking. Free and available for cars, motorcycles, buses, sports team vehicles and any other means.
  • Typical Tuscan restaurant. Tasty menu including the best traditional dishes from Tuscany and Siena.
  • Excellent Wine List. Being also the headquarters of the Italian Sommelier Association of Siena, the hotel offers a well-stocked list of bottles.
  • Open air swimming pool. For refreshing dips and perfect tans in the warm months of summer.
  • Panoramic terrace. Beautiful viewpoint from which to admire the city of Siena in all its beauty.
  • Cocktail Bar. Perfect for a coffee, for a delicious aperitif or to sip a good cocktail.
  • Free WI-FI Internet. Internet is free and covers every corner of the hotel.
  • Conference rooms. The Hotel Garden offers various conference spaces for organizing events, meetings, conferences, business meetings and cultural events.
  • Large park. It represents the green lung of the structure and is a perfect place for relaxing moments and for a nice outdoor walk.

By virtue of what is listed above, the Hotel Garden is also proposed as a perfect location for weddings and ceremonies.

Here are the best accommodations in Siena for charm and relaxation!

For romantic getaways and family holidays, the best facilities could be a charming relais, where you can spend memorable moments of harmony and romance, and a farmhouse with swimming pool, the perfect place to spend a few days of relaxation and to let the children play freely outdoors.

Referring to what has just been said, the Relais degli Angeli and the Agriturismo Villa Agostoli stand out among the best accommodations in Siena for holidays of charm and relaxation and for stays of couples or children.

The Relais degli Angeli proposes itself as the best solution of charm in Siena in consideration of its romantic settings and exclusive advantages for couples at any time of the year.

This boutique hotel of the Siena Inns hotel company is located just 600 meters from Piazza del Campo and has 7 splendid suites including ideal services for a stay with your partner. To give some examples, the accommodations of the Relais are characterized by frescoes, paintings, fine furniture and include jacuzzi bathtubs, polychromatic showers, four-poster beds and much more.

Villa Agostoli is certainly the best solution for maximum relaxation. This farmhouse with swimming pool is located not far from the city and includes elegant apartments and an industrious organic farm.

Taking a brief summary, here are what the best hotels in Siena for every need:

▶ Tourism and business trips: Hotel Garden
▶ Charming holidays and weekend getaways for couples: Relais degli Angeli
▶ Family holidays or with children: Agriturismo Villa Agostoli