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December 8: the Immaculate Conception in Tuscany in Siena

What to do for the celebration of the Immaculate Conception in Siena on December 8

Mercato nel Campo, various events, guided tours: spending December 8 in Siena is always a happy choice to spend a beautiful Immaculate Conception celebration in Tuscany.

Typically on these holidays the Mercato nel Campo takes place, a famous exhibition which in fact inaugurates the Christmas period in the City of the Palio and consists in the reproduction of an ancient medieval market from the time of the Republic of Siena.

For the occasion, over 150 stands of gastronomic products and handicrafts are placed in the usual location of Piazza del Campo to give life to what is objectively considered to be the first, but also one of the main Christmas events in Siena.

In addition to the Mercato nel Campo, on this date dozens of Christmas stalls find space in other city locations such as Piazza Matteotti, Piazza Gramsci, Viale XXV Aprile and Piazzetta della Giraffa.

Not just markets: for December 8 and the days immediately preceding and following this holiday, this beautiful Tuscan city also comes alive with various initiatives, tastings, appointments for families with children and playful, musical and social events.

In previous years, for example, on this date the Christmas Concert was held by Siena’s Choral Union Ettore Bastianini and guided tours were organized to some of the main city sites such as the Duomo and Palazzo Chigi Saracini.

Those who intend to visit Siena for cultural reasons will surely be glad to know that this during weekend all the main city museums are open, while those who want to immerse themselves in local folklore can consider participating in one of the closing banquets of the Contrada year organized by numerous city districts. In many cases, participation in these banquets is also open to tourists with the condition that the membership card is purchased early.

The celebration of December 8 in the province of Siena

The celebration of the Immaculate Conception is also celebrated with numerous events in various locations in the area around Siena.

Among the main events on the agenda for this date in the province of Siena we recommend the following:

  • Oil Festival in San Quirico d’Orcia
  • Borgo del Vin Santo in Montefollonico, in the municipality of Torrita di Siena
  • Favoliamo verso il Natale in Piancastagnaio
  • Art Market in Pienza
  • Chestnuts and New Wine in San Gimignano
  • Mercatale della Val d’Elsa in Monteriggioni.

The best Christmas villages in the province of Siena that can be visited on the days around 8 December are the Santa Claus town in Chianciano Terme and the Christmas village in Montepulciano; however, being in any center of Siena it is practically impossible not to come across markets, events, parties, lighting of Christmas trees and other themed events with the celebration of December 25th.

Spending a weekend for the event of the Immaculate Conception in Siena and surroundings is also a wonderful idea for the palate. By making excursions in Chianti and in Val d’Orcia, in fact, it is possible to make excellent wine tastings, but this date is also perfect for starting to taste the renowned < strong> Christmas sweets of Siena’s culinary tradition.

Being on site it would be a real shame not to take the tasty opportunity to taste and buy Siena’s confectionery products such as Panforte, Ricciarelli, Cavallucci and many other delicacies that can also represent tasty gift ideas for Christmas.

Spend a beautiful celebration of the Immaculate Conception in Siena!

To spend a peaceful Immaculate weekend in Siena, the hotel company Siena Inns offers various types of structures.

A stay at the Agriturismo Villa Agostoli allows you to plunge in the colorful nature of Siena’s autumn, characterized by unique colors and wonderful shades. This welcoming agritourism complex, among other things, is located just a few minutes drive from the historic city center and is therefore an excellent choice also from a logistical point of view.

Booking a room at the Hotel Garden opens the door to several possibilities: this 4-star hotel in fact has a typical Tuscan restaurant, a centuries-old park, ample parking and a panoramic terrace from which you can admire Siena starting to dress up for Christmas. This structure is ideal for those who want to spend an Immaculate Conception weekend in Tuscany in the company of their partner, family or group of friends.

The same accommodation quality is offered by the Hotel Italia, a 3-star hotel located outside the LTZ and a few minutes walk from the historic center of Siena. Booking a hotel accommodation to spend a nice weekend on December 8 in the city, therefore, can offer the very interesting opportunity to park the car on arrival and then going back to it only at the time of departure.

Also the Relais degli Angeli is located just 500 meters from Piazza del Campo and certainly represents the best solution for those who want to spend a romantic and charming Immaculate Conception holiday. This elegant and welcoming relais in the historic city center is made up of exclusive suites including excellent facilities for couples (emotional showers, whirlpools, four-poster beds and more).