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Discovering Siena’s spa

An ancient tradition for the health of body and spirit

Speaking of the attractions that surround Siena, sometimes it’s easy to overlook one aspect that makes this territory even more special: under the ground of the Crete Senesi there are warm waters that are enriched with beneficial substances while they flow along their path, fueling for centuries some of the most picturesque spas of Tuscany such as Bagno Vignoni, Petriolo and Rapolano Terme. Thus, a holiday in Siena can become a unique opportunity to treat yourself to a break of absolute well-being and relaxation in a landscape of rare beauty: just one day of “pampering” at the spa is enough to be reborn.

The spa in Siena? To each their own

Perfect for a pleasant day trip, the hot springs near Siena are just a short distance from the city. Just half an hour’s drive towards the south and you will arrive in Petriolo, largely free and characterized by medieval fortifications. It’s also just half an hour to reach the bustling Rapolano Terme, east of Siena, with the structure of the Antica Querciolaia, which is the largest park dedicated to thermal baths of the whole Tuscany. A hour long drive to the south will instead reward you with reaching Bagno Vignoni, a truly unique village in the Val d’Orcia which houses some of the most exclusive spa structures in the whole area of Siena. The offer can, therefore, satisfy all tastes.

Much more than just spa

If the free baths have their pleasantly “hippie” charm due to the lack of equipped facilities, the organized structures satisfy any desire concerning beauty and personal care, with really cutting edge health and beauty center. In these structures, the offers to restore your well-being include pools, mud naths and thermal vapor chambers with massages, beauty treatments, fitness sessions and many other services to be combined into personalized packets. In addition, many centers are located in scenic locations: in the Val di Sole swimming pool, which dominates the Val d’Orcia, or the roof of the Baths of Petriolo, the pleasure begins from the eyes. The extra touch of the spa near Siena? The extended hours on the weekend, which allows you to experience the magic of the spa “by night” spa, an experience to try before retiring in your hotel in Siena for a restful sleep waiting to go back again to behold the sights of the medieval city.