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Eroica 2019 in Gaiole in Chianti an other Autumn events in Siena

The Eroica 2019 in Gaiole in Chianti, scheduled for Sunday 6th of October, will be one of the main events of autumn in the province of Siena. Organized since 1997, this vintage-style cycling race is largely run on the so-called white roads, or on routes created in the splendid landscapes of Siena’s countryside. In addition to the Eroica, however, there are other very important events on the autumn agenda in the province of Siena. The week after the Eroica, in fact, the World Francigena Ultramarathon will be held, in October the gastronomic event A Siena con gusto and the uncovering of the floor of the Cathedral of Siena will continue up to October 27th .

Date and routes of the Eroica in Gaiole in Chianti 2019

As always, to satisfy the nostalgic spirit of the event, the participants in the Eroica 2019 in Gaiole in Chianti will present themselves at the start with a vintage bicycle and dressed in retro fashion.

All those who want to take part in this fascinating and exciting bicycle race in the Siena countryside can choose between various types of routes.

Going in details, here are the itineraries that you can choose to participate in Chianti’s traditional autumn race.

Eroica Gaiole 2019

Piccolo Chianti

The itinerary called Piccolo Chianti has a length of 46 km., can be covered in 3 hours and has a gradient of 709 meters. Along the route there is a refreshment point.

The route includes the passage from the beautiful Brolio Castle, through the characteristic Chianti Classico vineyards, the town of Pianella and the surprising “Leccione”, two holm oaks that look like one just set in a very pretty landscape.

Departure time: from 08:00 to 09:30

Percorso Corto

The Percorso Corto is 81 km long., can be covered in 4 hours and has a gradient of 1,560 meters. Along the route there are two refreshment points.

In particular, this itinerary passes through Radda in Chianti, where it is advisable to make a long stop at the official restaurant and at Ristoro di Lamole, where the kind ladies of the place are used to offering tasty Ribollita, typical cured meat and good Chianti Wine.

Departure time: from 08:00 to 09:30

Percorso Cento

The Percorso Cento through the enchanting scenery of the Crete Senesi is the great new event organized for the 23th edition of the Eroica in Gaiole in Chianti.

This itinerary can be covered in 6/7 hours, has a lenght of 106 Km., a gradient of 1,741 meters and offers two refreshment points.

Departure time: 07:30 to 08:00.

Percorso Medio

Quite challenging, the Percorso Medio is still within reach of many riders and can be covered in 10/12 hours.

The distance of this route of the Eroica is 135 Km., the difference in height exceeds 2 Km., but the route includes four refreshment points.

Regarding the distance, the participants in this route cross the beautiful town of Buonconvento, they try their hand at the difficult ascent of Monte Sante Marie to then make some nice stops at Radi and Castelnuovo Berardenga.

Departure time: from 05:00 to 07:00.

Percorso Lungo

This itinerary is the one of which the Eroica race indeed consists of, because it takes at least 15 hours to complete it and there is no shortage of arrivals even after the sun has set.

The lenght of the route is 209 Km, the height difference touches 3,700 meters and there are 5 refreshment points.

The geography of the route includes a suggestive night passage from the Brolio Castle, through the city of Siena and many beautiful places of its province such as the aforementioned Buonconvento.

Departure time: from 05:00 to 06:00.

Permanent Itinerary

Although the official Eroica 2019 in Gaiole in Chianti race is scheduled for Sunday 6th October, those who wish may try to try their hand at any time of the year in the routes just described.

The route of the Eroica, in fact, is a permanent cycle touring spot in the province of Siena, well marked and available in any month.

How to participate in the Eroica

To participate in the 2019 edition of the Eroica in Gaiole in Chianti it is necessary to access the official website of the race through this link: Eroica in Gaiole in Chianti registrations.

The staff that organizes the race can also be contacted by telephone at 335/7410551 and at the email

Events autumn Siena

Other events of autumn 2019 in Siena

Not just the Eroica. During autumn 2019 in Siena other important sport, gastronomic and cultural events are on the agenda.

The events we are talking about are the World Francigena Ultramarathon, the gastronomic event A Siena con gusto and the unveiling of the Cathedral of Siena’s floor.

In the month of November there will be thematic appointments to celebrate typical products of the autumn period such as the new wine and new oil, but the first Christmas events will also begin.

Historically, the Christmas period in Siena is always inaugurated with the event of the Mercato nel Campo which takes place in the evocative setting of Piazza del Campo during the days around the Immaculate Conception.

World Francigena Ultramarathon 2019

The running event World Francigena Ultramarathon is scheduled for Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 October and consists of a non-competitive walk through the ancient itinerary of the Via Francigena.

In particular, on the Saturday and Sunday of the second weekend of October the participants will have to cover a 120 km route from Siena to Acquapendente.

It will be possible to start the journey from San Quirico d’Orcia and Radicofani with the option to choose the path most suited to your abilities.

In this regard, the routes that make up the World Francigena Ultramarathon 2019 are the following:

  • Siena – Buonconvento: 35 Km.
  • Buonconvento – San Quirico d’Orcia: 20 Km.
  • San Quirico d’Orcia – Acquapendente: 65 Km.
  • Radicofani – Acquapendente: 32 Km.

For registration and further information on the World Francigena Ultramarathon go to the official website at this address:

World Francigena Ultramarathon 2019

A Siena con gusto

In the month of October the Cna of Siena, with the sponsorship of the Municipality, organizes 2 weeks of seminars, conferences, tastings and gastronomic theme nights.

The appointments of In Siena with taste will culminate in the Tartarugone of Piazza del Mercato with the live preparation of typical dishes of the territory.

Still on the subject of gastronomy, in September a free course of “Worker for the processing and marketing of bakery / pastry products” will also be activated (duration from September 2019 to April 2020).

Finally, from 2 to 5 November the wine and food festival Sangiovese Purosangue will be back, an event organized by the EnoClub Siena Association to pay tribute to one of the most historic Italian vines.

A Siena con gusto

Uncovering of the Duomo di Siena’s floor

From Sunday 18 August to Sunday 27 October the Cathedral of Siena opens its fantastic marble floor to visits, the result of 500 years of great art.

The beauty of the floor of the Duomo of Siena is excellently described by the words of Giorgio Vasari who called it the most beautiful, large and magnificent that never had been done before”.

For information and reservations: 0577 286300 –

Uncovering Duomo Siena 2019

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