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Gran Fondo Strade Bianche in Siena 2019: the program of the 13th edition

The Gran Fondo Strade Bianche in Siena 2019, scheduled for Sunday, March 10, features 2 routes. The longer one, called Gran Fondo, equals the Women Élite race, while the shorter, called Medio Fondo, is the same as the first one until the beautiful town of Murlo and then continues to Monteroni d’Arbia. Both routes start at the Fortezza Medicea and end in Piazza del Campo.

The two routes of the Gran Fondo Strade Bianche in Siena 2019

The two routes of the Gran Fondo Strade Bianche in Siena 2019 differ in length, altitude and kilometers of dirt roads.

The two races, however, are united by the same points of departure and arrival and the first part of the race, common to both routes.

The appointment is for Sunday 10 March. The opening hours of the grids are set at 07.00, while the starting time of the races is 08:30.

The route Gran Fondo 2019 – 139,2 Km

The route Gran Fondo 2019 is 139,2 Km. long, of which 31,4 Km. are on white roads.

It consists of a very undulating and varied itinerary both in terms of altimetry and route. The race does not include long climbs, but certainly requires facing different levels of steepness even on white roads. In this regard, the route includes the presence of over 30 Km. Of unpaved, non-consecutive roads, all characterized by a well-compacted bottom and free of grassy growths.

The race starts at the Fortezza Medicea. The first stretch on the asphalt is wavy and after 11 kilometers meets the first white road, just over 2 km long. After a few minutes the participants will have to run the second dirt sector of 4.7 km with a long uphill section and 10% slopes.The third off-road sector of 4.4 Km. and is located in Radi while the fourth of 5.5 Km. leads to Buonconvento.
After the refreshment at Ponte d’Arbia, the fifth white road starts at Monteroni d’Arbia. This dirt path has a length of almost 10 km. and winds between the Crete Senesi.
The other unpaved sectors are located in the area of Castelnuovo di Berardenga. The asphalt starts again at Vico d’Arbia and then the race proceeds through Pieve a Bozzone.

The route Medio Fondo 2019 – 86,6 Km

The route Medio Fondo 2019 is di 86,6 Km., of which 21,6 Km. are on white roads.

This race coincides exactly with the Gran Fondo up to Murlo. The last kilometers of the route wind their way outside the city of Siena, on wide roads, long straights and wide curves. At 2 Km. from the finish line, the competitors are called to take the Via Esterna di Fontebranda with slopes up to 9%. At 900 m from the finish line you pass the Fontebranda Gate from where the paved roads begin.The slope exceeds 10% and a few hundred meters from the arrival, more precisely in Via Santa Caterina, reaches a level of 16%.

The last stretch passes first through Via delle Terme, then through Via Banchi di Sotto, at 150 from the end it crosses Via Rinaldini end at 70 m enters Piazza del Campo.

Where to sleep

All participants in the Gran Fondo Strade Bianche in Siena 2019 who want to seize the opportunity to spend a delicious weekend in the Città del Palio can book a comfortable accommodation in a structure of the Siena Inns group.

A night at the Hotel Garden, for example, can be a very good idea as it allows to park cars, bicylce transport veichles and any other sports company vehicle.

The Relais degli Angeli is just 500 meters from both the Fortezza Medicea and Piazza del Campo, the start and finish point of both routes, while the Hotel Italia is located 15 minutes on foot from both locations.


Participation requirements

Participation in the Gran Fondo Strade Bianche 2019 is open to members of the F.C.I. and to non-members, according to the following specifications.


The races are open to every athlete over 19 years of age members of:

  • F.C.I.
  • Sports Promotion Organizations in agreement with the F.C.I. for 2019
  • Any organization for which the presentation of the Bike Card is required

The races are also open to foreign cyclists with UCI 2019 license.

Non members

For non-members a daily card of the F.C.I will be activated, at a cost of 15 Euros. To obtain it, it is necessary to present the competitive sports medical certificate for cycling.

The participation fee is 80 Euro and includes:

  • Race bib (registrations will be closed to the bib number 5,000)
  • Sport shirt
  • Cycling clothes
  • Gadget
  • Race kit
  • Mechanical assistance
  • Health sanitaria
  • Access to refreshment points
  • Cleaning truck service
  • Pasta Party after the race

Contacts for the Gran Fondo Strade Bianche a Siena 2019

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20132 Milano
Tel: +39 0577 271567 (office hours)
Fax: +39 0577 271907