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Car rental in Siena: where to rent a car

You planned to book a vacation in Siena and you want to take a rental car to discover its wonderful surroundings? Then find out immediately where to rent a car or book a service of car with driver in the City of the Palio! We can anticipate that to hire a car in Siena there are various possibilities; this town, in fact, is notoriously the destination of many Italian and international tourists who love to discover the beauty and peculiarities of the surrounding area that includes seven spa resorts and four UNESCO World Heritage Sites! So, let’s see the opportunities to proceed with the rental of a car, with or without a driver, for a holiday in the Siena area.

car rental Siena

Where to hire a car in Siena

To rent a car in Siena you can enjoy the services offered by various car rentals located in the city center and in the immediate vicinity.

All the car rentals we are going to present are highly reliable, have excellent online reviews, offer also other types of vehicles (vans, campers, antique cars, etc.) and many of them also carry out chauffeur services.

Let’s find out immediately which agencies to contact to hire a car in Siena.


The Hertz agency, with various branches throughout Italy, also offers van rental service, cars with satnavand integrated WI-FI.

Viale Sardegna, 14
53100 Siena
Telephone: 0577 45085
Hours: Monday to Friday 09–12: 30, 15: 30–19, Saturday 09–12: 30. Closed on Sunday.

Europcar Siena Città

Europcar Siena City also offers rental vans, commercial vehicles, minibuses and provides utility vehicles, sedans, station wagons and SUVs.

Viale Europa, 23
53100 Siena
Telephone: 0577 288938
Hours: Monday to Friday 08: 30–13: 00, 14: 30–18: 30, Saturday 08: 30–13: 00. Closed on Sunday.

Avis Autonoleggio Italia

Avis Autonoleggio Italia offers small, medium and large cars, vans, company cars and other types of vehicles.

Via Simone Martini, 36
53100 Siena
Telephone: 0577 270305
Hours: Monday to Friday 09–13, 15-18, Saturday 09–13. Closed on Sunday.

Siena Rent

The Siena Rent agency offers car and scooter rental service and offers the advantage of being open also on Saturday and Sunday.

Via G. Mazzini, 77
53100 Siena
Telephone: 0577 051919
Hours: Monday to Sunday 09-13, 15-19

Supercar Srl

You can contact Supercar Srl for cars of various sizes and types (petrol, diesel, convertibles, etc.).

Viale Sardegna, 14
53100 Siena
Telephone: 0577 45991
Hours: not specified

We Drive You

Also We Drive You offers car rental services in Siena and offers the feature of being always available.

Via della Sapienza, 14
53100 Siena
Telephone: 0577 45991
Hours: always open

Caroni Tours snc | NCC Siena

Caroni Tours offers car rental services with driver, shuttle to and from airports, stations, cities, etc. tours, excursions and visits to the main outlets shops in the area.

Via Mentana, 226
53100 Siena
Telephone: 333 6134141
Hours: not specified

Automotocicli Perozzi snc

Automotocicli Perozzi is one of the main rental agencies for motorbikes, Vespas, scooters and bicycles in Siena.

Via del Romitorio, 5
53100 Siena
Telephone: 0577 280839
Hours: Monday to Friday 08.30-12.30, 15-19. Closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

car rental

Cars, vans and campers rentals around Siena

In addition to the city center, it is also possible to contact car hire services located in the nearest towns around Siena.

In particular, the ones we are going to present are car rentals located in Cerchiaia, Costalpino and in the town of Badesse in the municipality of Monteriggioni.

Sartini Autonoleggi Siena

Sartini Autonoleggi in Cerchiaia offers cars with or without driver, coaches with driver, vans and trucks.

Strada di Cerchiaia, 27
53100 Siena
Phone: 0577 281074
Hours: not specified

Franci Autocarrozzeria

The car rental service in Siena offered by Autocarrozzeria Franci provides various types of cars, minibuses and vans for weekends, holidays, weddings, and transports.

Via Cassia Sud, 97
53100 Siena
Phone: 0577 378465
Hours: Monday to Friday 08:30–13, 14.30-19:00, Saturday 08:30–12:30. Closed on Sunday.

Autonoleggio Sampieri

Located in the town of Costalpino, Autonoleggio Sampieri offers car rentals with or without driver, 9-seater minibuses and luxury cars for weddings and ceremonies.

Strada Statale 73 Ponente, 140
Località Costalpino
53100 Siena
Phone: 0577 394058
Hours: Monday to Sunday 08:00-19:00

Autonoleggio Senese snc

Also the Autonoleggio Senese is located in Costalpino, near Siena, and can be contacted to rent cars of various types.

Via Dario Neri
53100 Siena
Località Costalpino
Phone: 0577 394284
Hours: Monday to Friday: 09:00-18:00. Closed on Saturday and Sunday.

Mariottini Autonoleggio

Also Mariottini Autonoleggio is an agency to hire cars and vans in Badesse, in the municipality of Monteriggioni.

Via della Resistenza, 117
53035 Monteriggioni SI
Località Badesse
Phone: 0577 309201
Hours: Monday to Friday: 08:00-13:00, 14:30-19:00, Saturday: 08:00-13:00, 17:00-19:00. Closed on Sunday.

Siena Camper Srl

As the name suggests, Siena Camper is to be contacted for motorhome rentals. This car rental is also located in Badesse, in the municipality of Monteriggioni.

Via della Resistenza, 67
53035 Monteriggioni SI
Località Badesse
Phone: 0577 309443
Hours: Monday to Friday 08:30-12:30, 14:30-18:30, Saturday08:30-12:30. Closed on Sunday.

Driving in Siena

Driving in Siena: access restrictions to the center and hotels outside the LTZ

Like many other Italian centers, the city of Siena in recent years has established a Limited Traffic Zone.

The LTZ of Siena is one of the most extensive in Italy and affects almost entirely the historic city center where traffic is constantly prohibited from 00 to 24.

To be able to visit Siena in the best way, therefore, a very clever idea is to book a hotel outside the LTZ, or a structure accessible by car that allows access to the historic center on foot.

The one described above is the Hotel Italia, a welcoming structure by Siena Inns located outside the Limited Traffic Zone.

All those who book an accommodation at the Hotel Italia can reach the structure by car and then, during their stay, they can access the historic city center on foot and in a few minutes.

Moreover, the hotel features private parking and in the immediate vicinity there are also many free public parking lots.