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8 December 2018: the Christmas markets in Siena for the feast of the Immaculate Conception

Siena: Christmas in a historical setting

The medieval town of Siena has no need of introduction. Many visitors are familiar with the splendid shell-shaped Piazza del Campo, the Palazzo Pubblico in Gothic style, the scenic Torre del Mangia, the spectacular Duomo, and even the seventeen historic districts with their many little wonders. The Christmas markets in Siena, held on the feast of the Immaculate Conception, have a very special character precisely because they are set in the medieval atmosphere of the city. The stalls line the streets in the centre and lend the town a festive air, given an extra dimension by the wonderful historical atmosphere of this unique city.


Christmas markets in Siena for the feast of Immaculate Conception: endless variety

The Christmas markets in Siena offer both typical festive gifts and products (sweets, books, toys, perfumes and Christmas decorations of various types), and artisan glass, wood or ceramic objects, wrought ironwork and leather goods. Among the most special products are the terracotta “campanine” (little bells), painted with the colours of the various districts, and for obvious reasons only obtainable in Siena. The Mercato del Campo is a particularly fascinating event: the stalls in Piazza del Campo evoke the historic weekly market of the Republic of Siena. The stalls and displays of goods echo the market of that time, in harmony with the character of the square and free from modern kitsch and technology. At this market, you can buy objects created on the spot by the many craftsmen working in the square. Alongside the markets, there are many theatrical performances, concerts and other events aimed at a range of audiences, which add to the evocative feeling and the air of celebration.

Where to stay to get the best from the Christmas markets in Siena during the feast of the Immaculate Conception?

If you want to visit the Christmas markets in Siena over the December 8th holiday, and enjoy peace of mind and impeccable service, we advise you to choose one of the hotels in the Siena Inns group. The hotels vary in terms of price and location, so you can choose one that suits your tastes and your budget. The 3-star Hotel Italia, for example, is just a few minutes walk from the old city centre, so you can visit the sights and browse the Christmas markets without any worries about parking. For those who prefer more luxury accommodation, there’s the 4-star Hotel Garden, just outside the town. With good public transport links, it offers a perfect blend of style and comfort, plus a restaurant serving top-class traditional cuisine.Finally, those who want the freedom of their own apartment will find the perfect solution in farmhouse at Villa Agostoli. With its tastefully furnished, comfortable apartments, and beautiful peaceful setting in the Sienese countryside, it provides an ideal base for exploring the Christmas markets in Siena and the surrounding villages.