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The Relais degli Angeli in “Cortesie per gli Ospiti B&B”: a tale of success!

At the Relais degli Angeli the phone rings continuously, we always receive lots of calls, but last spring we received an unusual one: Magnolia Production invited us to participate in its new format “Cortesie per gli Ospiti B&B”! We immediately understood that it would be a precious and not to be missed opportunity! After the first discussion with the production, the dates for the shooting were decided, while we were unaware of who our challengers were going to be. Flaminia and Virginia have organized everything perfectly, all the Staff have committed themselves to dress up the Relais degli Angeli in celebration (which is nevertheless every day) and so we took part in this exciting television adventure!

group picture

The Relais degli Angeli awarded by “Cortesie per gli Ospiti B&B!”

We were all excited to meet the three judges Michela, Max and Lorenzo, who were fantastic and the experience with the whole crew has been unforgettable!

The first shots were taken at Palazzo Borghesi, the other structure in Siena with which we were against. After the time of arrival and check-in, a welcome aperitif was offered to everyone, which was followed by some time to get to know each other a little better. Flaminia and Virginia, together with the guests, slept in the assigned rooms and then tested the breakfast offered by the owners the following morning.

The whole troupe then moved to the Relais degli Angeli where the welcome was warm as if they were our guests. Together with the kitchen wizard Cristiana we created an aperitif with local products and wines, using all the goodness that the Villa Agostoli farmhouse could offer us. The guests from the opposite team and the three judges were enthusiastic.

For the overnight stay in the structure we have assigned the following accommodations:

Relais Room

The judges said they had spent an excellent night and were amazed at the care and attention to every detail. At this point we were ready to think about the super breakfast for the day after.

The following morning the terrace of the Relais has again been the perfect location for our sweet and savory breakfast buffet, with quality products with daily variations.

Finally we arrived at the moment of the awarding: in anxious expectation together with the challengers, Flaminia and Virginia waited for the final verdict. We congratulate Palazzo Borghesi, the structure with which we shared this beautiful adventure, but … Relais degli Angeli won the challenge!

Victory of the show

Much satisfaction for an unforgettable experience

Beyond the final victory, the television adventure of “Cortesie per gli ospiti B&B” has given us so much satisfaction because it was an experience which has reconfirmed our daily passion, the care that has taken place over the years for the realization of each frescoed room, the work in preserving and bringing to life every piece of furniture and every chair.

We believe that the judges have noticed all this, they have felt, perceived, breathed it, and we can only express our thanks to them, to the authors, to all those who allowed us to realize this dream!

Watch the full video of the episode: go to the Dplay website!

Cortesie per gli ospiti BB

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