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Good food and fun together: discover Siena’s Movida in Via Camollia!

Via Camollia is certainly one of the places in Siena where you can spend wonderful evenings and memorable weekends full of good food and fun. Along this characteristic street in the historic center of the city, in fact, you can find inviting taverns, tasty food shops and many excellent local restaurants where to stop for an aperitif, a drink, a cocktail or where to spend a nice after dinner during a weekend in the city. Among other things, walking along Via Camollia you can arrive in Piazza del Campo in just a few minutes and in the vicinity of Porta Camollia there are excellent hotels where you can stay for the night.

A tasty and fun dive in the Via Camollia Movida in Siena!

Taverns, restaurants, delicatessens, bars, clubs: Via Camollia is always a great destination to spend an evening or a weekend in Siena!

In addition to the possibility of satisfying the palate and having a good time with friends, visiting the area of Porta Camollia is also an excellent logistic choice for after-dinner. From Via Camollia you can arrive in the historic center of Siena on foot in just a few minutes, without having to take the car back and with the opportunity to admire many artistic beauties along the way.

This road of Siena, in fact, is on the ancient itinerary of the Via Francigena and is home to many historic buildings dating back to the 14th and 15th centuries. Coming from Via dei Montanini we meet the Church of Saints Vincenzo and Anastasio, the Arco di Fontegiusta and the Church of San Pietro alla Magione.

We then discover some oases of taste, worth discovering to spend a beautiful evening in the Movida of Via Camollia in Siena.

Osteria Il Vinaio

To experience the 100% Tuscan spirit in Via Camollia, a visit to the Osteria Il Vinaio di Bobbe and Davide Porciatti is a must.

In this renowned tavern in the historic center of Siena it is possible to taste good wine, accompanied by a cuisine with seasonal recipes based on local ingredients and a rich selection of gastronomy.


Bobbe Davide Porciatti Osteria Il Vinaio Siena

Bobbe and Davide Porciatti are lovers of the good things, and they love to serve and share them according to the recipes of the typical Tuscan cuisine: ribollita, wood-oven baked bread, vegetables from their garden, seasonal legumes, unusual cuts of meat.

At the Osteria Il Vinaio in Via Camollia in Siena the imperative of every single day is rediscovering the popular cuisine at the top of flavor and quality. From cold cuts to snails, from pasta to fish, the raw materials are first choice and include ingredients of their own production to enhance the flavors of Siena even in take away mode.


Locali Via Camollia eating in Siena

For information and reservations:

Osteria Il Vinaio
Via Camollia, 167
53100 Siena
Tel. 0577 49615

La Salumeria di Bobbe e Davide Porciatti

On the other side of Via Camollia, right in front of the picturesque Chiesa della Magione, there is La Salumeria: a place where you can feel perfectly at home , where to stay peacefully together, but also where to sing and toast with the best culinary expressions.

A veritable leap in the authenticity that Bobbe and Davide have translated in their interpretation of street food in Siena.


La Salumeria Via Camollia Osterie Siena

At La Salumeria it is possible to rediscover the genuineness of the Vinaio’s proposals, in a faster, more practical and suitable format both for those on a lunch break and for those with a healthy desire to taste something good.

The gastronomic line-up of the restaurant includes charcuterie boards, well-stuffed sandwiches, hot soups, pies and many daily specials.


quick lunches Siena Vini La Salumeria

For information and reservations::

La Salumeria di Bobbe e Davide Porciatti
Via Camollia, 170
53100 Siena
Tel. 0577 280170

Venues and hotels near Via Camollia

Before dinner it is recommended to visit the Pasticceria Buti to taste the famous Caramellato or some other sweet specialty. Being in the Città del Palio it would be a real shame not to be enticed by delicacies such as the Cavallucci, the Ricciarelli and the Panforte.

After dinner, instead, it may be interesting to continue the evening drinking a good beer at The Rock Pub in Via dell’Ovile or at Charlie Mixology Bar in the nearby Viale Camillo Benso di Cavour.

The Hotel Italia is located in that exact road, the best solution for those who want to stop to sleep for the night or for those who want to spend a nice weekend in Siena near Via Camollia and the city center.

This hotel is a 3-star hotel outside the LTZ which also includes the rich Wow Breakfast in the booking price. The structure also has a special room for lovers called the Love Room.


Hotel Italia Hotel near Via Camollia