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Siena’s Facciatone: one of the most beautiful viewpoints in the city

The Facciatone of Siena is one of the most beautiful panoramic points of the City of the Palio. What today is a privileged location from which to admire the beauty of this city, originally meant to represent an expansion of the Cathedral. It is currently accessible with a cumulative ticket which also allows you to visit the Metropolitan Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, Porta del Cielo, the prized Piccolomini Library, the Crypt, the Baptistery and the Museo dell’Opera.


Siena’s Facciatone: origins and landscape

What are the origins of the renowned Facciatone? History has it that in 1339 it was decided to expand the Duomo of Siena. The project envisaged that the current Cathedral should only represent the transept of the “new cathedral”.

The realization of the work had to materialize through the construction of three new naves but, due to various difficulties and the tremendous plague of 1348, the works were definitively interrupted in 1357. The elements that are visible today in this attempt to enlarge the Cathedral of Siena are the right nave, which houses a portion of the Opera Museum, and the front that, over time, the inhabitants have kindly called “Il Facciatone”.

Landscape Siena

In order to be able to see the splendid landscape of Siena and the surrounding countryside from the Facciatone it is necessary to buy the Opa Si Pass ticket, which allows to visit all the other places of the artistic-museum complex of the Cathedral of Siena.

With just one ticket which cost fluctuates from 8 to 15 euros, depending on the season, it is thus possible to go up to the Facciatone, but also to visit the Duomo, the Baptistery of San Giovanni, the Opera Museum and follow a 3D videomapping itinerary under the cathedral.

Those who want to spend a weekend in Siena and admire the Facciatone can take advantage of the close proximity of some structures of the Siena Inns hotel group from these places. The romantic Relais degli Angeli, in fact, is located just 700 meters on foot from the extraordinary complex of the Duomo of Siena, while the welcoming Hotel Italia is located just 20 minutes walking from it.

Getting to the Duomo with a nice walk from the Hotel Italia, through Porta Camollia, also allows you to admire many other important city sites. Along the way, in fact, you can see the Arco di Fontegiusta, alongside the La Lizza Gardens, you can pass in front of the Relais degli Angeli, but also you can see Palazzo Salimbeni, Palazzo Tolomei, and maybe have a coffee at the famous Bar Pasticceria Nannini.

Not just the Facciatone: more splendid viewpoints of Siena

Besides going up to the Facciatone to see the city of Siena in all its splendor, with just one look, you can access other suggestive panoramic workstations.

The most famous panoramic site in Siena is certainly the Torre del Mangia, or the bell tower of the Palazzo Pubblico that stands out on Piazza del Campo. To get to the top you need to climb 300 steps, it takes about 15 minutes , but then the effort is amply rewarded by a wonderful view.

From the top of the Torre del Mangia, as high as a skyscraper of almost 30 floors, you can see the entire city of Siena, but the view also comes to contemplate the view of the hills around Siena, those of theChianti and of theMonte Amiata.

Another fascinating viewpoint that allows you to enjoy an exclusive view of Siena is the panoramic terrace of the Hotel Garden. During the summer, those staying at the Hotel have the opportunity to have breakfast right on the terrace while admiring the exciting view of the historic center of Siena.


Panoramic terrace Panoramic places Siena

During the afternoon the American Bar opens, a place of relaxation and banquet where you can taste imaginative cocktails and delicious aperitifs with excellent background music. Then, at dinner time, the terrace also becomes an original open air restaurant for romantic dinners under the stars and to enjoy a tasty dinner with friends and family.

Finally, the terrace of the Hotel Garden lends itself wonderfully to the desires of all couples looking for an original wedding location in Siena to celebrate a joyful, peaceful and… panoramic wedding.