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BuyFood Toscana 2019 in Siena: June 6-7 | 1st Edition

BuyFood Toscana 2019 in Siena, scheduled for Thursday 6 and Friday 7 June, is a new showcase for the agri-food sector of Tuscany. The event will take place at the Santa Maria della Scala exhibition center and aims to promote the best Tuscan food products on a large scale. The event is organized by Regione Toscana together with PromoFirenze and will bring together fifty businesses selling DOP/IGP products or products that have received the Agriqualità certificate in 2017 and 2018.

Typical Tuscan products

The first edition of Buyfood Toscana in Siena

Buyfood Toscana in Siena will be a great opportunity for the best Tuscan agri-food businesses to make their products known both to customers of the Italian territory and to international customers.

In particular, 50 regional companies will participate in the event scheduled for June 6 and 7 in Santa Maria della Scala, selling Dop, Igp and Agriqualità products.

This first edition of Buyfood in Siena aims to follow the success of BuyWine in Florence, the now renowned event that showcases the best Tuscan wines and that is already in its ninth edition.

Since wine has its reference event in Buywine, there will be no wine production among the products that can be presented during the event; instead the following types of products will be available:

  • Cheese, milk and dairy products
  • Salami and sausages
  • Fresh Meat
  • Eggs
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Bread
  • Cakes
  • Flour and pasta (from cereals)
  • Plant products
  • Honey

In the next paragraph you will see the complete list of products admitted to the event.

Products allowed at Buyfood Toscana 2019

Buyfood Toscana 2019 in Siena will feature companies, consortia and associations that sell the following DOP and IGP products:

  • Lamb of Central Italy PGI
  • Tuscan Cantuccini PGI
  • Chestnut of Monte Amiata IGP
  • Cinta Senese DOP
  • Bean of Sorana IGP
  • Neccio della Garfagnana DOP flour
  • Chestnut flour from Lunigiana DOP
  • Wheat of Garfagnana IGP
  • Finocchiona IGP
  • Borgotaro IGP mushroom
  • Lardo di Colonnata IGP
  • Marrone del Mugello IGP
  • Honey from Lunigiana DOP
  • Mortadella Bologna IGP
  • Mortadella di Prato PGI
  • Chianti Classico PDO extra virgin olive oil, Lucca DOP, Seggiano DOP, Terre di Siena DOP and Toscano IGP
  • Tuscan bread DOP
  • Panforte di Siena PGI
  • Pecorino of the Balze Volterrane DOP
  • Roman Pecorino DOP
  • Tuscan Pecorino DOP
  • Tuscan Ham DOP
  • Ricciarelli di Siena PGI
  • Italian Salamini alla cacciatora DOP
  • White calf of the Central Apennines IGP
  • Saffron of San Gimignano DOP

Places and participation costs

There are 50 places available for participating in Buyfood Toscana 2019 in Siena. The attendance fee is 250 euros plus VAT.

Participation in the event includes the following benefits:

  • Access to thematic seminars
  • Access to computer services
  • Dedicated workstation (table, chairs, graphics)
  • Complete catalog of participants
  • Two entry passes
  • Tastings supplies (small glasses, plates, dishes, napkins, water, bread, etc.)
  • Organization assistance
  • Electricity service
  • Common area available with fridge, microwave, hotplates, slicers, knives, sink etc.

For more information:

Regione Toscana