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Boutique Hotel: find out how to pamper yourself during a stay in Siena

The definition of Boutique Hotel is of American origin and was coined to indicate charming hotel structures, not particularly large, which stand out for offering intimate, original and luxurious areas. Unlike larger hotels, these structures almost always represent romantic oases, ideal destinations for couples, and as such they offer exclusive and refined services.

Boutique Hotel Tuscany

The defining elements of a boutique hotel

To deserve the title of boutique hotel, an accommodation must stand out for prestigious areas and must be able to offer a series of unconventional facilities.</ strong> Here are the main features that distinguish a design hotel.


As already mentioned, these tourist structures are generally small in size and rarely offer the availability of a large number of rooms.These luxury hotels usually consist of between 10 and 50 rooms. A larger number of accommodations would invalidate the structure’s exclusive concept.


Style and design play a predominant role in a boutique hotel. Very often these structures are born from modernizations and renovations of noble palaces, historical buildings, but also of old mills and age-old architectures. In this case it is essential to be able to create a wise mix between new and old, to be able to introduce modern utilities in respect of the original architectural layout.


Not infrequently, in a boutique hotel each room is different than the others and is characterized by a different theme and facilities. For example, in a structure of this type a room can have a whirlpool tub and a four-poster bed, while another room can offer polychromatic showers and frescoed walls.

Hotel Design Siena

Relais degli Angeli: a welcoming and refined boutique hotel in the heart of Siena

Do you want to try the suggestive and exciting experience of staying in a boutique hotel in Tuscany? Then discover the Relais degli Angeli, a luxurious and hospitable historic residence of the hotel company Siena Inns.

The Relais degli Angeli is a boutique hotel in Siena located just 500 meters from Piazza del Campo and within easy reach of all the other sites of interest in the city. As previously described, this romantic structure offers the following characteristics.

Size. The Relais degli Angeli has 7 suites and is housed in the elegant settings of a historic building, protected by the Superintendency of Cultural Heritage. On each floor there are common areas with sofas, armchairs and bookcases.

Style. The structure has preserved in all its spaces the charm of a historic residence, but is able to offer all modern comforts. The highlight is the large terrace which offers a panoramic view of the Church of San Domenico and the Medici Fortress.
Originality. The seven rooms of the Relais degli Angeli are all different from each other, each taking the name of a precious gem, and they also differ in terms of equipment, facilities and furnishings.

Romantic Hotel Tuscany

The Contemporary Apartment

In addition to romantic suites, this boutique hotel in Siena also offers the opportunity to stay in an 80 sqm Contemporary Apartment. This private apartment consists of four rooms with an exclusive balcony and offers:

  • 65-inch TV
  • Dolby Surround
  • HD DVD player
  • Wireless keyboard for Smart TV
  • NEFF appliances
  • Shower for 2

charme apartments Siena

A structure awarded on TV by ‘Cortesie per gli Ospiti B&B’

In recent months, the Relais degli Angeli was the protagonist on TV of an episode of the show “Cortesie per gli Ospiti B&B”, on Real Time. The structure was the winner of the episode and has received excellent feedback from the judges, namely the actress Michela Andreozzi, the food blogger Lorenzo Biagiarelli and the architect Max Viola.
Watch the episode on Dplay now:
▶▶▶ Find out more information to pamper yourself during a stay in Siena: visit the Relais degli Angeli website!