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AIS Siena and the Hotel Garden, a tasty combination!

There is a happy marriage dedicated to excellent wines between AIS Siena and the Hotel Garden! Indeed, the 4-star hotel of the Siena Inns hotel company is the headquarters of Siena’s delegation of the Italian Sommelier Association of Tuscany. This location hosts the main training courses for sommeliers, exclusive tastings with major national wine producers and other important wine initiatives.

What is the AIS, Italian Sommelier Association

The Italian Sommelier Association of Tuscany is composed of 13 provincial delegations and is planning a calendar full of local and regional events.

The calendar of wine-related events is developed throughout the year and allows members and enthusiasts to attend and learn more about all aspects of the wine world which, in Tuscany, shows its best thanks to the historical and artistic heritage that allows you to fully enjoy the fruits of the wine tradition.

The educational activities of AIS Toscana, in addition to the traditional course on three levels which is now translated into various languages, are expanded with new thematic courses; the association has already activated the Oil Course, the Champagne Course, the Beer Course and other courses will be activated in the future.

What does the AIS Siena do

The Italian Sommelier Association of Tuscany, in its more than forty years of life, has done a lot to enhance and communicate the passion for wine. Through its many organized courses, the association has made the consumer know the best labels and, through tasting occasions and experiential meetings, has told the birth, composition and production of excellent wines.

The AIS Siena is always happy to open up to those interested in its world made up of men animated by passion and competence, like the many producers in Tuscany. In particular, the association’s mission involves the following initiatives:

  • Training courses
  • Thematic courses
  • Educational moments
  • Tastings
  • Thematic evenings
  • Wine events

Obviously,AIS Siena always welcomes registration requests for new members, wine lovers and aspiring sommeliers.

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The happy union between AIS Siena and Hotel Garden

In order to better explain the happy marriage between the AIS Siena and the Garden Hotel we’re introducing Marcello Vagini, Vice President of AIS Tuscany and Delegate of AIS Siena.

“I’ve always been passionate about the world of wine, and I wanted to deepen my knowledge in 2002 when I started the Sommelier AIS course, having completed the 3 levels the “thirst” for knowledge was increased and in rapid sequence I participated in the Master of Sensory Analysis of Wine and Communication.

In 2004 I obtained the qualification of Official Taster and in the short tour I qualified as a Teacher in some lessons. In 2012 I was given the assignment, by the then Regional President Osvaldo Baroncelli, of Delegate of AIS Siena. Recommended by some professional friends of the sector, I chose the Hotel Garden as the head quarters of the Delegation and from then on we began a happy relationship of collaboration. Seriousness and professionalism in our service is what requires our Association and what we have found here.

At the Hotel Garden, we carry out all the training (1st, 2nd and 3rd level) and exclusive tastings with the most important producers of the National territory. Furthermore, for a couple of years the Hotel Garden of Siena has been the exclusive location of the Ecole de Champagne led by the Italian Ambassador and Vice President of AIS Italy Roberto Bellini.

From 2017 I was finally appointed Vice President of AIS Tuscany by the new President Cristiano Cini.”

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Tastings of great wines and the best Tuscan recipes at the Hotel Garden

In keeping with the fact that it is the headquarters of the Italian Sommelier Association of Tuscany, delegation of Siena, the Hotel Garden offers its guests the possibility of tasting great wines, but also the opportunity to taste the best recipes of the Tuscan gastronomic tradition.

In addition to the elegant accommodation, a secular park and a splendid panoramic terrace overlooking the city, the Hotel Garden houses the Restaurant “La Limonaia”, a place where tasty nobility is given to typical dishes of the past and where it is possible to delight the palate with unique and exclusive flavors.

Considering the territory, the large Wine List of the Restaurant “La Limonaia” always features the famous red wines of Chianti, the amazing Brunello di Montalcino, the Vernaccia di San Gimignano and the always excellent Nobile di Montepulciano.

With regard to wine production, the province of Siena is also famous for the white wines of the Val d’Arbia, for other red nectars of the Val d’Orcia and the Agriturismo Villa Agostoli, another accommodation facility of the Siena Inns hotel company, produces an excellent organic Chianti wine. In addition to the best Tuscan labels, however, the Wine List of La Limonaia Restaurant also includes excellent wines produced in the regions of Northern Italy.

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