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Enjoy the countryside in the city, for a summer holiday alternative to the sea!

A truly enjoyable combination

Tuscany is a region that due to its physical conformation and climatic features offers a holiday of high quality for all tastes and all interests. At the sea as well as in the mountains or in the big cities as well as in the surrounding countryside, you can plan and spend summer holidays that will be remembered for a long time for their uniqueness. This territory can be lived and enjoyed in a number of combinations from which it is very rare to remain disappointed, regardless of the province, the landscape and the type of accommodation you may choose. Italians and foreign tourists are well aware of it, every season it is full of people who take advantage of its natural and non-natural beauties. In particular, Siena’s countryside is a destination that, increasingly, is experiencing remarkable positive feedbacks. The interest is justified by its exciting landscapes, enchanting medieval villages, monuments and works of art of inestimable value. The genuine traditional food, ease of movement and a lifestyle that reminds of ancient times are, actually, effective and guaranteed antidotes for the stress accumulated during the year. In addition, the tranquility that pervades these places and the sense of hospitality that inspires them complete a framework that can rival any tourist destination on the coast or on the islands. When then the countryside, especially between the Chianti hills and the Val d’Orcia, can be enjoyed by the city, it is possible to achieve a positive rating far beyond the average. The alternative to the holiday by the beach is definitely that of the countryside in the city.

Siena: the starting point for a thousand destinations

In the heart of the city, the Siena Inns structures represent a starting point for a holiday in the surrounding countryside, the ideal base for living both the city and the country with the same intensity, and with the utmost comfort, in the greatest tranquility and in economically advantageous conditions. A strategic and intelligent choice to also reach the several destination of artistic, gastronomic and natural interest located in the immediate surroundings.

A countryside location… in the city

Living the countryside near the city is an unforgettable experience and living the Tuscan countryside from Siena is even more so. Villa Agostoli is a farmhouse located in the immediate vicinity of the city of the Palio. The apartments immersed in the green of the Tuscan countryside provide services for all types of guests who want to enjoy the benefits of outdoor activities. Couples, families or groups can spend a holiday dedicated to relaxation. The lavender scented pool is equipped with parasols, sun loungers and towels. The possibilities for excursions and walks in the green are endless. With the barbecue at guests’ disposal, you will be able to cook the best meat  from the Tuscan farms with your family or your companions. Villa Agostoli is also family friendly, parents will have nothing to worry about their little ones, thanks to the services dedicated to them. In this particular location, your holiday in Siena will be remembered not only for its artistic beauty, but also for the relaxing moments spent in its beautiful countryside.