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The Festival of Tabernacles, the origins and curiosities of a popular celebration

Directly linked to the religious devotion to the Madonna, the Festival of the Tabernacles illuminates every year the streets of Siena, with lights and colors along with the voices of the many true protagonists of the festival: the children! On September 8, 2017, do not miss the opportunity to experience this authentic and traditional city festival.

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Siena’s Cathedral: the uncovering of the pavement

If you are in Siena between August 18 and October 26 2017 you really should find the time to visit the Duomo. First of all, because it is a tourist attraction always worthy of a visit and also because in that time you will also be able to admire the splendid floor of Siena’s Cathedral, a real masterpiece!

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The countryside in the city: discovering the green side of Siena

Monuments, museums and works of art make Siena very famous in the world and the destination of almost all tourists visiting Tuscany. However, these unquestionable merits are accompanied by another important plus of the city: its green corners! Let’s find out the parks and gardens that every tourist should visit in Siena.

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The Palio dedicated to the Madonna dell’Assunta: Siena, August 16 2017

On Wednesday, August 16, 2017, the second annual Palio will be held, the one dedicated to the Madonna dell’Assunta. The famous horse race follows the one that took place last July 2, when in Piazza del Campo triumphed the Giraffa. So there is little to wait to know who will win the last Palio of Siena in 2017!

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The organicgarden: a trend that is becoming a healthy necessity

What was born as one of the many modern-day trends, today is becoming more and more a choice that is most appropriate: we are talking about the organic garden. Siena Inns, at Villa Agostoli, is delighted to offer their guests a variety of products directly grown in the organic garden of their farmhouse.

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