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Palio di siena: anticipazioni e rituali

The Palio di Siena: previews, interesting facts and rituals

This is a special time of year in Siena: the air itself carries an aroma of celebration, pride and history, just as in the days of the Palio. The origins of this event are rooted in the middle ages, but it was only in 1644 that the first race, as we know it today, was held. After nearly four centuries, the Palio still maintains its charm.

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500 auto vintage tour Siena Toscana

A tour of the Siena area using vintage vehicles: Vespas and Cinquecentos

When you explore the Chianti hills, you will have the pleasure of encountering an ancient beauty, all the more precious because it has remained unchanged over the years. The Hotel Italia in Siena offers you this variation on slow tourism: the opportunity to explore the local area on board vintage Vespas and Cinquecentos.

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Tour Chianti e tuffo in piscina

Tourism and relaxation: a tour in the Chianti region followed by a dip in the pool!

The charming Chianti area is full of places that exude art, history and traditions. A tour of this region can include visits to natural parks, archaeological sites, medieval villages and thermal spas. It can also include tastings of typical wines and products, and perhaps a swim in the pool at sunset, an activity that the Hotel Garden’s guests like to indulge in.

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A cavallo per le terre di Siena

Riding through the Siena countryside

In the green heart of Tuscany, there are numerous riding stables and equestrian centres, offering private lessons and rides accompanied by expert guides, immersed in nature. There are also a whole host of ancient and picturesque trails along which to ride, through places rich in history and tradition. This is the last frontier of slow tourism.

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Colazione wow hotel Siena

Excellent breakfast in the hotel with a food and wine tour in town

In addition to the fruits of the rich hills of Chianti, the delights of Sienese cuisine also attract foodtrotters from around the world, who travel around to discover the finest farms and wineries. But any self-respecting wine and food tour must begin with a breakfast, such as that offered by Hotel Italia.

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